The Design

An incredible home.
a breathtaking location.

A rare foreshore address drives the inspiration for a thoughtful modern home, unique in its understated glamour and compelling design nuances. Uninterrupted views of the city skyline, ocean and bay offer an unmistakeable reminder of this privileged location, where beach walks and sunsets are part of the everyday. Coveted for its lavish lifestyle, Brighton is also about an intrinsic connection with nature. Less than 50 metres from the ocean, close to parks, gardens and the city, 7 St Ninians Road is an exceptional address. Martin Friedrich Architects and Jack Merlo are progressive and holistic in their approach to the architecture, interiors and landscaping. Carefully considering each element and its contribution to the whole, their luxury residential statement celebrates a strong affinity with the beach, sea and horizon. The result is sophisticated and enduring a once-in-a-lifetime home that will remain compellingly relevant for generations to come.

7 St. ninians road
The stairs at St Ninians
The Lifestyle

Sun, sand and sky are touched with a unique level of sophistication in Brighton.


Comfortably sitting between the city and the sea, Brighton is relaxed and sophisticated in equal measure. It adds something special to weekday routines and provides more for spontaneous moments on the weekends. Swim, paddleboard, stroll or cycle by the beach and once you’ve lived here long enough join the Icebergers with a refreshing plunge into the ocean in the height of winter.


The local dog beach is a flurry of furry friends in all seasons and in summer, after-school activities include jumping off the pier before stopping for ice-cream. Weekends are for yachting, fish and chips on the beach then watching the sunset with a crisp white wine in hand.

Restaurant in Brighton, VIC
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